About Us

AK Frost

Marijuana Retail

AK Frost is a locally owned cannabis retailer which carries an assortment of cannabis flower and concentrates. All products are grown in-house by our cultivators, Isidore LLC, while our concentrates are created by our manufacturing division, AK Rime LLC. 

We are located at 5200 A Street on the corner of A Street and International Airport Road. You can also contact us at (907)-563-WEED (9333).

AK Rime


AK Rime is our manufacturing department which produces our shatter, cartridges, capsules, and various concentrates. Every product is made to a professional standard to ensure that our customers are receiving high-quality products.









Isidore is our cultivation department which grows and harvests all of the cannabis for AK Frost and AK Rime. Over 35 different strains are cultivated by Isidore. The department is praised for its cleanliness and fresh products.

The cultivators of Isidore are constantly seeking methods of innovation in order to provide our customers with the best product possible.